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Industrial Wastewater Recycling

Aspen Fluid Logistics’ unique water treatment technology cost effectively solves industrial and municipal wastewater and contaminated water management issues. Aspen excels at solving water treatment problems involving high complexity and high variability - exactly the situation in shale gas exploration. Industry demand for a high-availability, high-performance solution is very high.

Aspen’s goal is market leadership in this rapidly growing sector. Aspen builds, owns, and operates water treatment/recycling assets, each within a Special Purpose Venture (“SPV”), with contractual off-take agreements suitable to attract project finance.  Each Aspen SPV treats/recycles water on a contractual, per gallon/per period basis. For example, in the gas exploration and production industry, Aspen offers the lowest cost “full service” solution that includes the logistics (trucking) to pick up contaminated water and deliver recylced water to support ongoing drilling operations.

Aspen also offers modular system solutions to provide “on site” treatment for clients with high volume water treatment requirements in settings with concentrated, on-going drilling activity.

“Aspen makes the management of water   in the exploration and production of   natural gas in shale formations an   environmentally friendly process.”