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Phase 1 - Water Recycling Pilot Project Development Underway

Aspen Johnstown, a Pennsylvania LLC, uses patented and proprietary water treatment technology in its advanced industrial wastewater recycling systems. In most cases we find the operational advantages of a depot system to be superior to portable treatment approaches. The depot model also simplifies oversight by state regulatory agencies as the manpower required to monitor water treatment activity distributed throughout the entire Marcellus region would be massive and regulatory agencies are not staffed to oversee hundreds of continuously relocated distributed treatment systems. Aspen anticipates that a centralized facility that provides comprehensive water analysis of both incoming (untreated) water and outgoing (treated to drinking water standards and meeting PA DEP specs for discharge) will become the gold standard in the industry. Aspen anticipates that its first full scale production facility, Aspen Johnstown, capable of recycling in excess of 2 million gallons of production/flowback water daily will be operational in 2015.  Our demo system is expected to be online in Q4/2014.

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Public-Private Partnership

Keystone Opportunity Zone

Rosedale / Lower Ore Yard

Pilot plant in development

Excellent highway/rail access

Water is purified to “drinking water” standard

Technology optimized to treat complex wastewater